Lawn drainage

Lawn Drainage

Whats the most important thing?

law-mat-4 We find the most important thing to get right is your basic lawn drainage like French drains or shores. we also specialise in other types of drainage.
  • Spike aeration,
  • Core aeration,
  • Scarification,
  • Sand banding,
  • French Drains
There is a few ways we install these drain. We can remove the turf sod and dig the shores using a shoring bucket on the excavator. The shoring bucket is a single tooth tapered bucket designed especially for shoring and with it been wedge shape it also reduces the amount of stone needed to fill the shore. So once the turf sod has been cut and put to one side the shore can be excavated. Then land drainage pipe is installed then filled with drainage chip. Then the sod can be replaced and it is like nothing ever happened. Depending on the ground you may need to fill to the top with chip if say on a hill to prevent water from sheeting down to lower levels or on ground with very poor drainage. Contact us today for a free on site visit.