Horse Arena

Horse Arena’s

If you are thinking of getting a horse arena built or just looking for advice don’t hesitate in contacting us . We have built a lot of horse arenas down through the years this one in the pictures we built in 2012. It was finished in October and from then until Christmas, it never stopped raining and with all the downpours this horse arena never held water, this was down to the careful planning between the client and us.

From the very beginning, drainage was the top priority everything else can be overcome but if your drainage is wrong your horse’s arena will never be right. The type of drainage stone, membrane, and sand you use is very important.Once you’ve got that right the rest is up to you the type fencing our clients used was PDM creosoted boards and post We used a double kicker and four rails this worked very well as it keeps the sand in and is an adequate height for most horses

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