Landscaping Services: New Lawn.

Here at lavin landscaping with all our years of knowledge we find its best that the customer knows the steps we go through to ensure the highest standard of work we do for your new garden. In these photos you can see a new house which was meticulously and carefully built to keep the surrounding trees and the grounds undulating features in tacked. The task was simply to landscape the areas around the house but not to take away from the gardens natural beauty.

Below I will explain what is going on in the photos

Step one:

Is to remove the large debris and grade the ground using a small excavator and a rake attachment also we have a big excavator and rake but due to the trees and confined spaces it could not be used. All the debris is then loaded up into a dumper and brought away or utilized on site

Step two

Once the excavator work is finished we us a tractor and blec power rake this is used to pick smaller stone from the ground and rows them up, also it finely grades and levels the ground as it goes along Then we us the bobcat and landscape rake to pick up the rows and any debris that is left Then along with hand raking we can leave a perfect seed bed

Step three

Is the final step which is seeding using a blec cultipac seeder this is a very unique and compact machine it broadcasts the seed evenly and accurately from the hopper over head then with its dimpled rollers it pushes the seed into the ground and is rolled all in one pass. With this system of seeding you can expect your lawn to be established within 2-4 weeks or from September on words maybe 5-6 weeks But the upside to seeding in September is there is reduced chance of weeds at this time of year. Another very important element of seeding is fertilizer which on any new house or development is essential for good growth and healthy grass All of the process’s above can only be done in dry weather to ensure best results that’s why we invested in some of the best pieces of machinery on the landscaping market to make sure when the opportunity of good weather arrives we can look after our customers needs quickly and to an extremely high standard